Kodama is a narrative plateformer, you control a small thing that feel and looks to be alive, but don't have the power to move by itself.
This "thing" will discover our world, from the cute forest to the dangerous city and along you play, choices will have to be made, which will change the story.

-- For now voices and text are only in French sorry! --

Initial Concept

Kodama is a game made intially during the 48h GameJam @TubeconFrance organized by the ETPA (a French School).
Theme was "Urban Nature".

We decided to make a narrative plateformer with a very special mood and atmosphere, a living thing with a pure soul will discover our world.

Our main references are Limbo (for the arts), Thomas Was Alone (for the narrative direction), which is pretty obvious if you know both of those games.


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My French is okay. I know a few words. But referring to the game it was good. I noticed that it when you enter a new scene it would skip and the music would restart. There is a way to continue with the same music and also entering new scenes would being so jumpy. Bien Joue

Hello Miguel,
Many thanks for your feedback.
The game is under translation and will be updated as soon it is done.

About musics and others issues, it's also under active "fix", this is the straightforward version we done during the gamejam.

Hope you'll try the new version, keep following!